Classical Christian Education

Biblical Worldview 

The academic program at Black Hills Lutheran School places an emphasis on every aspect of our student’s spiritual and academic growth and development.

Our Classical curriculum  follows the Trivium, a method of instruction, that has  three stages Grammar Pre K-6, Logic 7 and 8, and Rhetoric 9-12 correspond to a child's developmental stages. Sixth grade completes the grammar stage where students begin their transition from the grammar to the logic stage of application, 
so that in 7th and 8th grade  our students progress to learning logic, defined as the rational use of concepts within the content of a subject. Then in High School students progress to rhetoric stage where they use persuasion and argumentation relating to a subject. 


Suitable class sizes and exceptional, qualified teachers allow Black Hills Lutheran School to offer an intimate and inclusive educational environment, while also ensuring each student receives the individualized attention and support they need. We are teaching students to think and act in accordance to Scripture, whether they are studying math, science, literature, or history.

We are fully accredited and students may seek admission to the college or university of their choosing.  

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